Cover final
Cover final
  1. To a Prayer

From the album Paper Boats


Your body’s like a ladder
Stretching up towards that heavenly high
Baby all I wanna do
Is grab ahold of you and climb

Bring me to the feet of your throne
One look at you I’d give up everything I own
To have that chariot swing low and let the music bring us home
This kind of faith doesn’t last for long

I could sing a hymn to the rhythm of your heartbeat
Or worship with my eyes, hold you close, and not speak
Oh goddess of the night, let me feel you, reel you into me
You’re beauty made to flesh in that dress dancing there
In answer to a prayer

Lay your body down
Against the curve of my palm
And we’ll surrender all
On this altar we’re lying on

I’m not asking for forgiveness in this yearning
I don’t need someone to save me from this holy burning
Go ahead and fan the flames and keep our bodies turning
This kinda faith only lasts so long

Lifts you up like angels on their wings
Higher than
The very best of me
As long as I believe
Though there’s never been a faith
I did not leave