1. Heart to Heart


Heart to Heart

Lilly, how does your garden grow?
Bold and brazen, I’d believe
The way you do things on your own
Pull up a park bench
And we’ll exchange the year
Trading highlights day by day
Until we end up sitting here

A shadow creeps between us
As the talk starts turning small
And the moment slips into eclipse
When I said I’d tried to call
And you start to explain

Come to me, Lilly
Say that hearts aren’t held by fate
Say that love is never late
And you and me have time
I may have crossed a line
But I love you and you love me
And that’s certainly a start
Can’t we sit down and see things
Heart to heart

Lilly, we were never good with words
So in the dying light of day
Will we sit with our remorse?
Its such a shame
That we gave things so much space
As you incorporate your life
And I play from place to place

All these thoughts inside me
And all of them in you
I raise a hand to brush
The strands of hair that dangle there
Right above your brow

Our hearts are poundinig
Turn your head and meet my eyes
All the rest is lies